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Towards the Marist International Youth 2019

In 2008, during World Youth Day in Sydney was held the first Interational Festival of Young Brothers.

In 2011, during World Youth Day in Madrid, held the second edition, but taking the name of: International Youth Marist (IYM).

In 2013, during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, there was another important moment for Marist Youth: it took place the Third International Marist Youth Gathering.

In 2016, prior to the World Youth Day in Krakow, the fourth edition of the Young Marists was held in Lyon, France, where the 200th anniversary of Fourvière pledge was celebrated. The motto was "dare to dream".

In 2019, prior the World Youth Day in Panama, the fifth edition of Youth Marists in Guatemala will take place. The motto of the meeting is "weaving life" (look at the web site http://www.weavinglife2019.org/ )