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History WYD

It all started with a meeting led by Pope John Paul II in 1984. It was a love, longed for God and welcomed by young people. Voices need to be heard and hearts open to receive them. The World Youth Day WYD, as it was called after 1985, the world continues to show evidence of a living faith, transforming, showing the face of Christ in each youth. About 300 thousand young people were meeting with the Holy Father in St. Peter's Square, in 1984, when he gave the Pilgrim Cross Day.

And so the meetings followed in Rome (1986 - Diocesan), Buenos Aires (Argentina - 1987), Santiago de Compostela (Spain - 1989), Czestochowa (Poland 1991), Denver (USA - 1993) Manila (Philippines - 1995) , Paris (France - 1997), Rome (Italy - 2000), Toronto (Canada - 2002) and Benedict XVI in Cologne (Germany - 2005), Sydney (Australia - 2008), Madrid (Spain - 2011), Rio of Janeiro (Brazil - 2013), Krakow (Poland - 2016), and Panama City (Panama - 2019)

The host cities of the conference earn a different color. Thousands of nationalities, mixed and integrated. Things that are considered obstacles, such as the diversity of languages ​​and cultures become attractive in a WYD. Besides the fact of being in another country, with its tourist charms participation in WYD requires a body prepared for the pilgrimage and a pure and open heart to receive the wonderful things God has in store for each of us.

Are catechesis, testimonies, experiences, examples of charity and the Church, music festivals and cultural activities. Finally, a meeting of hearts they believe, moved by the same faith, and hope, that fraternity in diversity is possible.