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What position do you play?

Have you seen little children playing football or some other team sport? All run behind the ball without worrying about their original position. It is not rare to see the goal keeper abandon his position and go for the opposite goal post.

This change radically with time arriving at professional teams with their games rules clearly observable. This is what happens in our development and the place we occupy in t our families, at school, work, in the church and world. This process takes its time, and with all development supposes search, trial and error etc.

Accompanied by a Marist father we will have the opportunity to converse together about this very important topic that is related very closely to the other sections of “Young People Seeking”: seeking meaning, seeking a better world and seeking God.

To discover ones vocation perhaps is one of the more important elements that generate meaning and make it possible at the same time to place ourselves well to make our little contribution to the construction of a new civilization. And this is the fruit of a personal and profound meeting with God.

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