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The complex jigsaw puzzle of the meaning of life

When we speak of a meaning to life, we speak of so many things. Even though it seems that it is something that comes from human nature and its development, it is clear that it is a topic of reflex ion when we are finding it or losing it.

In this section we will put on the table of dialogue small articles about different pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle: our origins’; history; and the way of processing and living them; l the experiences of love or the absence of it; the strokes and the wounds; the quality of relationships; ideals, struggles, beliefs; our duties and the way we live day by day, etc.

We should ask ourselves many times in our lives the question that Victor Frankl recounts to his patients in his famous book “ Man in search of meaning”: “ If you have so many problems why not commit suicide?... because this would lead us to find a reason for which we would be disposed to give up our life, and only then would we begin to live.

We are sure that the sharing of opinions provokes by the reading will be for all a good opportunity to strengthen ones meaning of life without which life begins to lose its meaning.

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