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The angry, the disenters and the dissatisfied

In the last few years the world has been witness to a new awakening of youth demanding that their governments and many other social agents revise the model of a world that excludes so many. It does not matter where or what language, the cry of youth suggest that: another world is possible;! A more just and peaceful world where there is a lot more solidarity.

Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan Philosopher, speaking in Barcelona of the 15-M movement in Spain said” This world of excrement(shit)t is pregnant with another possible world different and difficult to birth, but it is beating pulsating” One of the forces that push this birth without a doubt is are the young people, you are those who push, you are those who have the mind of light of Utopia in your hearts the fire of search and the struggle.

In this section of young people in search we offer support by means of articles that move us to reflect on this topic and its commentaries will maintain burning many hearts that believe that “another world is possible”.

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