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Marist Spirituality

When we speak of spirituality we mean that unquenchable fire that burns within us, full of passion for building the Kingdom of God and becomes the driving force of our lives, letting the spirit of Christ to lead us.

The Marists have three favorite places in which Jesus reveals God in special way through Mary:

Marist Spirituality is apostolic, participate in the mision of Jesus, we look at the world with caommpasion. We see the beauty, harmony and violence, the screams of the world, especially the poor- Heeding the call of our time we read the life through the eyes and heart of God. In life and discover God. In life we discover god, and in life we experience God as Mary did (with simplicity). The world is a meeting place, God sends us into the world to be your loving presence, be bread for others as Jesus. The experience of God is bread that is shared.

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