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Marist Sisters

Marist religious calls to trust as Mary did in Caanan, allowing your jars are filled, and transformed by God's love to become new wine and meet those people who are thirsty in their lives to bring hope and joy to our world.

The Congregation of Mary, Marist Sisters, is an apostolic congregation of pontifical right.

Jeanne Marie Chavoin is its founder, who was born on August 29, 1786 in Coutouvre France and died June 29, 1858 with these words on his lips:

"Look, girl, she's your mother, you must promise it inviolable fidelity. The only desire of the Marist Sisters should be, look like small family in Nazareth, there they will find the perfect models of Poverty, simplicity and love of work. "

Being a Marist Sister is being called "a free choice" to follow Christ, living the Gospel as Mary did, in a congregation that bears his name.

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