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Marist Laity

¡Living as Mary is essential!

  1. A variety of expressions

    Because the world is where to perform the work of Mary, it takes a great family and personal and group work, in their own environment and according to his own vocation. Each group can have its guidelines for members to adopt practices. It is possible a great variety: some with only some minimal rules, other than asking for more. There are better than others. The essence of the groups are not rules or practices that are in groups but the pledge of all Marists to live in the spirit of Mary with a missionary heart.

  2. Devotions and Practices

    1. The Marist have devotion to Mary. This living spirit is expressed only in large public demonstrations. Devotion to Mary is personal and is manifested in life, however there is a particular form of devotion to Mary that promotes or propagates

    2. Religious practices: Being Marist is more a way of life, and he does not emphasize any particular religious practice in addition to any committed Christian. More important is the person of Mary that any particular religious practice. However, each group and each individual can decide the prayers and particular practices that want to follow, while the sense is to be centered in the spirit of Mary. They are called to evangelize and pray for what we are in need, invoke the intercession of Mary. It is important that devotion to Mary is simple, free of affections and not call attention to the individual. (A traditional form of this devotion is simple way to pray "Under your protection ..." and three "Hail Marys").

  3. Structures and Rules

    1. Each group can work from their own organization maintaining the principles described above. Some groups may be more complex than other organizations.

    2. Leadership must come from the members as much as possible and not the religious that accompany them. It is essential that there is harmony between the group and the parish priest without stop space divisions or elitism.

    3. It is important that individuals and groups in developing ties, formal and informal, with other branches of the Marist Family.