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Father Jean-Claude Colin
Founder of the Marist Fathers
1790 – 1875

Jean Claude Colin is the founder of the Society of Mary and the Brothers. Born in a peasant village, Saint-Bonnet-le Troncy, Lyons region of France in l790. Died in a quiet and secluded, and has long yearned and searched; the Marist novitiate Neylière, in 1875.

The Marist project began as an initiative of a group of young priests and seminarians of the Seminary of Lyon, impacted by critical historical moment lived. They were heirs of the French Revolution and the consequences suffered so affected them as priests and future priests responsible for the situation of the Church and the fate of the Christian faith in a hostile world, increasingly incredulous, indifferent and increasingly ignorant of the religion, even the most cultured and intellectual classes. Moreover, various circumstances had led to the conviction of the important role that the figure of Mary was called to play in the present of the Church and the world.

Jean Claude Colin joined from the beginning the idea with the joy and enthusiasm of those who had found at last what had long been a cherished dream was. He was convinced that, hidden in the group, could go unnoticed and without staff fleeing role as the devil himself. However circumstances ended up placing at the head of the group that considered the true founder. The agglutinated, gave body to the group and endowed him with a spirit that bears the imprint of his human and spiritual. Colin is the witness, teacher and spiritual guide of the Society of Mary and of each of the Marists.

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